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Daltons Beagles
About us!
About us!
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The Daltons consist of Hearld and Linda and our son Preston!

I'm Hearld , 45 years old , Employed with Walters State Community College for 25+ years, currently Grounds Supervisor. member and Deacon at Seals Chapel Missionary Baptist Church . Linda and I have been married for 14 years. Salvation , Linda  and Preston are the best things that have happened in my life.

Preston is 12 years old , a seventh grader at Soldiers Memorial Middle School. He enjoys video games ,Game boy , Nintendos and Game cube, He likes to go to trials and likes to hunt . His favorite Judge is Mark Hatmaker from KTV and 119. He has lots of friends at school and has made several friends hunting and trialing. 


Preston with the days success. One for each hunter. Hearld, Preston and Joe

What its all about!

Here is what really makes it count!

other interest!

Here's a list of some of my favorite Sports:                       Tennessee Vols. , Cincinnati Reds and Nascar , Bill Elliott.

We own and operate a small greenhouse operation , mow a few lawns, and do lanscaping and designing as well as some farming.