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Beagle Photo Album
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Here is a few of our hounds. Dalton's Queenie Jill is our oldest dog at the kennel. She was a gift to Hearld from Wife Linda  when she was only 8 weeks old and will remain with us, very sentimental to me a good  handling dog, here pedigree is limited  Sire is Junkyard Dog and dam is Alice both dogs are from Clarence Turners  kennel. Patcheye is our youngest dog and has a  long pedigree of patch blood from Terry(Plowboys) pache dogs. All the dogs pedigrees can be veiwed at online

Second page of Beagle Photos


Dalton's Queenie Jill

Queenie  has been known to catch a few rabbits , she runs to catch  and is a full 15" dog with good kennel manners .


Rabbit Champion Dalton's Sissy

Sissy is Preston's dog , she is special to us we purchased her and her sister as ten month old dogs, they had been raised on a bottle after their mother was ran over by a car. She has had two litters of pups . They are through out the southeastern USA as pets, Gun dogs mostly and a few trial dogs. We are curently keeping three pups from the last litter. She maybe the most honest mouthed dog I have ever owned.


Plowboys Patcheye

Patcheye  is from Plowboys pache dogs,  solid patch breeding . He has been a delight to work with , started packing up at 4 months,  and jumped his own rabbit at about 5 months . He is  no longer a puppy he is starting his second gun season and looks good for the future . Thanks Plowboy for allowing us to own this dog.

Please visit the second page of beagle photos to see more of our dogs, have a nice day.